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Visitor Visas

People cannot work permanently on the Visitor visa. The validity of the Visitor Visa :-

  • Single entry visas which are valid for six months before the expected date of travel.
  • Multiple entry visa is valid for up to 10 years or one month before the passport expiry. The visitor visa categories get varied upon purpose and country In the US the common visitor visas are categorized based on purpose.
  • Temporarily for business-B1
  • Tourism-B2
  • Combination of both B1/B2.

For Australia-Visitor visa Subclass 600 for tourism and business. Canada Visitor or Tourist Visa is used for work, study or visit. For UK it is known as Standard Visitor Visa to visit your friends and family members or to attend business meetings. The condition, cost, limit of stay, etc. to apply for Visitor visa differs according to the country standards.