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Business Class Immigration

There are two classes of Business Immigrants; they are Start up and Self Employed.  This can be done by Setting up a new business or investing in the existing business which eventually contributes to the economic growth of the country. The benefits of this type of visa are; enjoys tax advantages, it includes the whole family and family enjoys all government benefits. The investment will be changing from country to country and depends on the type of the business. The validity of the visa is generally up to 5 years and it may varied depending on business and country. Canada has different types of business immigrants; they are Federal, Quebec, Entrepreneur and many. If a person wants to apply for Canada on Business immigrants must secure a minimum investment of CAD $200,000.In Australia the Business immigrants falls under the Subclass 188 called as Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Visa and must invest at least AUD$1.5 million in investor stream. In New Zealand it is known as Entrepreneur Visa and should have a minimum capital investment of NZ$ 100,000.